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Our global service are oriented with a supplier of employers’ requirements and our customers’ appreciation in greatly impact. We have been furnished and adequate to perform in recruiting as following Job categories under industries and other fields.

  • Production Operators (general workers and skill workers )
  • Machine Operators (technicians and helpers)
  • Restaurants (Waiters and general workers )
  • Engineers/Technicians/Designers (bachelor of engineering/diploma in engineering)
  • Dockyard Service (welder/painter/pipe-steel fitter/electrician)
  • Garment Factory (technicians, sewing operators and general workers)
  • Construction (Civil engineers/technicians/general workers)

Service Series and Applicants’ Collection

  • Eligible candidates, who must be holder of Bachelor/Degree of Engineering, Diploma in Engineering/ Technical: in addition to any graduate and above (5) years relevant working experience is preferred.
  • For skill workers/general workers must undergo to industrial training and take one month study at least in relative fields.
  • Moreover, we provide as the foreign companies’ requirement.

Our Service Reputation and Statue

On to engage with Myanmar Youths and Professionals in their future goals, we accomplish and assembly those candidates who undergo to work in abroad-countries.

We also transmit and give our adequate services to our making great efforts and emphasis on selection the right candidates to meet our clients and employers’ requirements.

Our Competitive Strength

  • To be enable Myanmar workers to absorb modern technical practice and advanced knowledge in abroad countries.
  • Having well-trained those candidates under technical profession and language skill accomplished by industrial Training and Human Resource Development Center.
  • Exporting to orient Myanmar workers recruiting and negotiate with overseas clients and having and accurate discussion with employers’ solutions.
  • To boost candidates to expertise in foreign countries law, culture, tradition and their life-style and to be familiar with them.